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Who we are

BRQ Group startup, supported by INNOVATION HUB and responsible for the WF platform that delivers innovative solutions. We help our clients from different sectors to digitize and manage their processes in a creative, unique and differentiated way, through Atend.

  • Oferecer uma plataforma no-code, lego e com soluções inovadoras
  • Assegurar um atendimento de excelência e apoio permanente
  • Inovar em digitalização de processos de forma contínua

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BRQ operates in the complete development cycle, from conception to materialization of digital products. Connect customers with disruptive proprietary solutions that accelerate digital transformation or create new business models.

Platform Atend

Digital Transformation is not just about using one or another tool in your team's daily work. It is a more complex process, which requires integration between different systems and sectors within a company. It is necessary to make process automation increasingly assertive and comprehensive, exactly what the concept of hyper-automation preaches.

WF has a complete studio for modeling and automating business processes


Modeling consists of a series of activities for the design of processes using the international standard of notation (icons), facilitating the understanding of the whole panorama or flow of that project. Through BPMN, processes are exposed in detail, facilitating understanding and changes to modify the original scope of projects and optimize routines.

  • Process modeling


BMPS, on the other hand, allows the definition and parameterization of the steps and flow of the process, ensuring that the process execution will correspond exactly to the mapping defined in the company and automated in the system. The execution sequence must be defined, allowing the activities to be performed according to business rules, preventing steps from being ignored or forgotten, ensuring standardization and consolidating quality.


The publication of the process must take place after approval by the business area. At this time, WF will version it and make it available for access and use by users with the respective permissions.
From this moment on, the process is being executed and managers will be able to manage all the steps and monitor their performance in terms of productivity, quality and compliance.

WF CreateFlow

BPMN Studio - Business Process Model and Notation and BPMS - Business Process Management Software

CreateFlow is the studio that allows the implementation of a process in the digitization journey (Modeling, Automation and Publishing) where it provides several features and functionalities that can be enabled and configured according to the respective needs.

Workflow Templates

The platform has ready-made solutions (templates) and easily customizable to the needs of each client.
A template is a process defined as a default resource of WF and can be copied and pasted to facilitate parameterization in Atend

Orchestrate and manage the flow of demands arising from requests from internal or external customers.

Below we list some examples of processes that have models in Atend

  • Workflow for HR processes (R&S, DP, Portal)
  • Workflow for facilities processes (Preventive, Corrective, Inspection)
  • Workflow for legal processes (Contracts, services)
  • Workflow for business processes (CRM)
  • Workflow for financial processes (Reimbursement, Advance, Payment)
  • Workflow for IT processes (Helpesk, Assets)
  • Various flows for business processes, from collecting, automating, processing, viewing and analyzing data

See other processes already available for your need or count on us to create your unique process.

Orchestrate and manage face-to-face, digital and service centers channels.

Do as many customers and use a platform that delivers

  • Scheduling solution with capacity intelligence
  • Service workflow for face-to-face work
  • E-mail service workflow (Automation)
  • Service workflow for digital journey (Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, other social communication channels)
  • Chatbot with decision tree and artificial cognitive intelligence
  • Solution for video attendance

From planning, monitoring and controlling all stages of the customer service journey.

Digitize the document collection and storage flow allowing optimization, ease and tracking

Do as many customers and use a platform that delivers

    Digitization | APIs | Buses
    Use of templates | Partner Services | Carry out reviews | Notify/alert
    Archiving | Treatment | Organization | Controlled accesses | Security | Availability | Traceability
    Management | Audit | Reports | Graphics | Dashboards | Reviews

Define yourself how the document scanning process will be

WF is an acceleration platform for business process digitization, therefore, it will be able to deliver any Workflow experience that your company needs.

Learn from others the experience that can be useful to you.

  • Workflow for project management
  • Workflow for compliance management
  • Workflow to manage audit trails
  • Workflow for custom shopping treadmill management
  • Workflow for learning management
  • Workflow for external data collection
  • Workflow to manage team productivity
  • Workflow for complementary ERP automation
  • Many other experiences built with Atend, get in touch and get to know them.

See other processes already available for your need or count on us to create your unique process.

pride defines us

WF is used by several companies from the most diverse sectors and of all sizes

These and other companies where we are scaling Atend, chose us among other requirements by
autonomy, flexibility, rapid implementation and continuous improvement of the platform.
The strategy requires creativity and innovation in this digital revolution of the new normal.

WF is ready to help you on this journey!

Why use Atend?

Improving the way you work inspires us to innovate daily

Agility in implementation

Our delivery occurs quickly and with autonomy for changes and experiments.

Traditional development process with coding 100%
Setup for parameterization of Attendant 20%

With Atend, your company will have the process digitized between 10 and 20% of the time foreseen in a traditional development process.

Often times, plans full of details and diagrams, such as a Gantt chart, do not correspond to reality. This is because these types of plans are not open to change, nor are they flexible. According to the 12th Annual State of Agile Report (12th Annual Agile State Report), the Scrum method is among 56% of the most used agile methodologies.

To deliver value quickly, we have a methodologically agile team, which has full autonomy and flexibility in relation to the project.

Our Services

Our goal is to be present at all times of transformation, supporting your changes

  • 01 Assistance in process discovery and mappings

    We know that seeking efficiency and automating processes is one of the keys to success. But how to approach this need in a practical, objective and creative way? When we think about processes, we think about bureaucracy right away and our team can help in the journey of mapping, reengineering and automating that deliver value to your organization.

  • Your company doesn't need to be like the others, it can be better.

    Templates they are ready-made processes on our platform that we instantiate and adjust to your reality.
    We will use the template to shorten the path, but the solution will have its identity and our team will implement all the adjustments and calibrations that make it different from others and much more efficient and competitive.

    Design a new process in cases where it is not possible to use templates or the company opts for the creativity of designing a unique and particular process, we will be delighted to build your complete process.

  • We provide expert functional support 24x7.
    We help with doubts and recommend the use of best practices that increase your team's productivity.

    Future changes will be able to count on the assistance and implementation by our team who will be happy to help and be useful in the evolution of the processes.

  • To validate and improve our services we will always be together and periodically we will ask how our participation and our level of service are perceived.

    Our main objective is to innovate to positively contribute to the digitization of your processes and provide an enchanting experience.

The changing mindset of customers and the demands of the global scenario made the search for digital experiences in all sectors inevitable as a competitive differential.

Frequently Asked Questions

We list below the main questions that arise in our presentations about our solutions and services.

  • What is a no-code platform?

    It's human nature to make complicated things easy; they tend to find simple and less complicated ways. Today, the world is shifting to an accelerated digital transformation and, due to the digital revolution, companies and businesses demand smarter software to ensure efficient operation of their terminals. The code-free platform provides visual programming in which a user can work with code elements using the drag-and-drop user interface to create software instead of employing code-based development environments.

  • Process modeling is the graphical representation of a company's processes. Doing this diagram is very important because it allows you to read how the company works and understand how the organization generates value to customers.

  • BPM means in English 'Business Process Modeling Notation' and in Portuguese 'Business Process Modeling Notation'. It consists of a set of symbols used in process design, aiming to standardize and facilitate understanding. This is an important step in automation, as it is where processes are discovered and designed

  • BPMS means in English 'Business Process Management Suites/System' and in Portuguese 'Business Process Management Suites/Systems'. These are the software tools that support and group the technologies responsible for the automation and execution of processes digitally. They act directly in the control and monitoring of the activities that make up an organization's processes, providing performance indicators for continuous improvement actions.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) allows users to connect and use cloud-based applications over the Internet. Common examples are email, calendar, and Office tools (such as Microsoft Office 365).

  • A LEGO platform has several features that can be enabled according to the need of each process and the company only pays for what it uses

We have vacancies

Market salary, Health plan (Sulmérica), Dental plan (Sulamérica), Life insurance (Sulamérica), Meal/food voucher (Alelo), Pleasant environment in style labs, Access to the Workplace BRQ platform for career and development, and a lot more

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Analista de Processos
de negócio

Saber mapeamento de processos através de (Fluxograma, Fluxograma horizontal, Mapofluxograma, UML, BPMN) e documentar suas regras de negócio. Diferencial conhecer alguma ferramenta de modelagem.

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Saber transformar a experiência de nossos clientes de ponta a ponta, do primeiro sketch à implementação, contribuindo diretamente para a digitalização de processos e humanização de interações.

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Back End

Que seja apaixonado por desenvolvimento, conheça as melhores práticas de mercado e saiba programar nas linguages PHP, React, Vue, Node, Java, outras.

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Front End

Experiência com desenvolvimento front end, conhecer e saber aplicar boas práticas e convenções de mercado além de ser apaixonado por encantar os usuários da aplicação.

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If you would like to know more details about our platform or watch a presentation, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are waiting for the contact.


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